Resume and Bio



– Bachelor of Fine Arts: Studio Art, Painting Emphasis, Graduated May 2013, Magna Cum Laude: Wichita State University, School of Art and Design

– Painting Drama Workshop, Oatley Academy with Chris Oatley


-Skilled in traditional drawing and painting techniques. Mac and PC, Wacom Intuos and Cintiq

-Software Proficiency: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Painter 12, Sketch-Up, Acrobat, MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel

Related Interest:

Film, Table-Top Games, Video Games, Animation, Comic Books, History,  Military Technology, Anthropology and Art History.

Clients/Published Work: 2002-2015:

Catalyst Game Labs
Shadowrun: Upcoming Title 2016

Green Ronin Publishing
Fantasy AGE: Core Rule Book 2015

Margaret Weis Productions
Serenity Adventures 2008

Pinnacle Entertainment Group (Great White Games): Savage Worlds
Rippers Companion 2007
Sci-Fi Toolkit Bestiary  2006
Sci-Fi Gear Toolkit 2006
Sci-Fi World Builder Toolkit 2006
The Third Hand 2006

Fantasy Flight Games – Game of Thrones Card Game 2006
Ahouse of Thorns Set: Card – Winter Storm 2006 (*credited as Rick Otay)

Mongoose Publishing: 2002-2004
Encyclopaedia Arcane Compendium, Volume I 2004
Encylopaedia Psionica: World Shapers 2004
Ultimate Character Concepts 2004
Ultimate Divine Spellbook 2004
Supplementary Rulebook IX: Ultimate Monsters 2004
Book of Strongholds & Dynasties 2003
The Quintessential Wizard 2003
The Slayer’s Guide to Demons 2003
The Slayer’s Guide to Dragons 2003
Constructs: It is Alive 2002
The Quintessential Cleric 2002
The Quintessential Dwarf 2002
The Quintessential Monk 2002
The Quintessential Rogue 2002
Ultimate Luxury Class (Volume 1) 2002
Supplementary Rulebook I: Ultimate Prestige Classes (Volume 2) 2002
Battle Magic: The Eldritch Storm 2002
Constructs: It Is Alive 2002
Crusades of Valour 2002

Related Work:
Marketing Assistant at McConnell AFB, KS  –  Graphic Design & Website Content Management
Art Teacher at CityArts, Wichita, KS   –  Digital Illustration & Animation



Current IV – Juried Group Exhibition, March 2012

Project Run-Away – Juried Exhibition, April 2012

Right Said Fred – Juried Group Exhibition, August 2012

Senior Students Exhibition – featured during WSU School of Art and Design 19th Faculty Biennial, April 2013

Under My Thumb – Senior Painting Exhibition, May 2013


As a kid, my dad was in the military, which means I grew up on the move, from North Carolina to Hawaii. After high school, I spent some time as an electronics technician in the Air Force. This was not for me, I wanted to be an illustrator and it was time I did something about it. Four years later, I graduated in the spring of 2013 with a BFA in Studio Art, emphasis in painting and drawing, from the school of Art and Design at WSU. I currently live near Wichita, Kansas with my wife and two boys.

I am a draftsman, painter and illustrator, whether working in traditional mediums or digitally, utilizing Windows/Macs and Wacom digital tablets (Intuos and Cintiq). I am adept with Adobe Photoshop and quite skillful with Illustrator. When painting, I like to start with loose gestural sketches, using Wacom Cintiq or traditional pencil on paper. I work the compositional elements of  forms and value, before tightening the illustration’s details.


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